Excellerat questionaire

We would like to thank you for taking a few minutes to complete our survey.

The objective of this survey is to better understand the requirements for future HPC scalability to exascale and need for services that will be offered through the Excellerat Service Portal. 

Excellerat brings together key players from industry, research and HPC to provide services that will enable the European engineering industry to advance towards Exascale technologies. Excellerat’s Service Portal will offer a range of services such as access to simulation codes on particular HPC platforms, training and individual consultations that will help you incorporate HPC into your research or product development. You will be provided with the exact type of support you will most benefit from, based on your own current needs. You can develop your know-how and software within the Excellerat Service Portfolio.

Within this survey, Excellerat partners will take into account GDPR when collecting, analysing and archiving data, provided in this questionnaire so:

  • Data will not identify individuals or organizations participating in this study.
  • Data will be collected, analysed and archived only for research purposes within the Excellerat project. Results will be used and interpreted in the Excellerat market assessment section, which is accessible for Excellerat project partners only.
  • Data will be archived only during Excellerat project. After the project’s Final review, all data will be deleted.  

Thank you for your help.